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Igor Tuppolevsky


Igor Tuppolevsky

Imperial Airlines

With enough money you can get everything. Without money you get nothing.


Power and money, those are the things that move Igor Tuppolevsky. Any means are justified to him on the way there, as long as they bring him advantages. If an alliance is worthwhile, he’ll dive into it completely, but if he can destroy his competitor, then that’s all the better for him. Competition is ultimately bad for business. His clients should comfortably receive every luxury they want – as long as they can pay. As regards employees and machines, Igor advocates the simple approach: “As much as necessary and as little as possible”. Machines receive the maintenance they need, but no more. The employees are paid just enough so that they do their work well. Absolute power is Igor’s expressed goal. He now also wants to pull the strings in politics and any means are justified for him to achieve this. You should never underestimate Igor and especially never turn your back on him.