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Mbangwe Mogambo


Mbangwe Mogambo

Mogamb Air

The smaller the lizard, the greater its hope of becoming a crocodile.


Mbangwe Mogambo was born the son of a refugee family in Switzerland, but he never felt at home there. He left his parent’s house at 16 to return to his home, the Congo. On his own, he joined the military and quickly made a career as a pilot for relief supply and refugee transport. His uncompromising and unmistakable manner is his trademark, which his friends love and his enemies hate. In order to better advance his since pacified country, Mogambo has now left the military to use his air force experience in civil aviation. Simple and sensible, that’s the motto of Mogamb Air. The passengers receive what they pay for. Exaggerated luxury will scarce be expected here, but there will be solid service instead.