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Natalie Childman


Natalie Childman

Kolibri Travel

Everyone should be able to fly!


Natalie is an ‘It Girl’ with ambitions. Following the success of her ‘All about Valentine’ collection, she now wants to conquer the world as an Airline Tycoon. Despite her lack of knowledge, she’s making her start with unwavering optimism. Since she is a good person through and through, she would never use illegal methods against her competitors. Her machines are configured in Natalie’s own very unique design, because her fans should ultimately receive something “Natalie” for their money. She had also once heard something or other about maintenance, but that’s what she has her advisors for. Whether it’s curiosity or because they’re already fans anyway, Natalie never has problems finding employees or marketing her flights. Particularly in marketing, she has outstanding connections to all the important people… practically child’s play.