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Tina Cortez


Tina Cortez

Torro Aero

Business is like a bullfight!


The tough Spaniard, Tina Cortez, knows exactly what she wants and how she’s going to get it. After betting on the wrong horse in the risky real estate market, she now wants to completely take off again in the airline business. She holds understanding and even compassion in check; ultimately, it’s about business. Behind Tina’s perfectly styled appearance and her ever-present smart phone, hides a calculating businesswoman, who does not shy away from playing hardball. And not just with her competitors: even employees and machines are not handled particularly delicately. The salaries of her employees are squeezed as much as possible and the minimum maintenance for her machines is also good enough. Only budget airlines think like that. And with the dumping prices, the competition starts to look very old very fast. If the employees happen to get too unhappy, then it’s better to part with them. Always on the telephone, Tina is also always on top of things and knows exactly what needs to be done.